Northeast Championships XIII Details

Northeast Championships XIII Details


NECXIII will be sponsored by:
Big E Gaming
Philadelphia PA 19143
Team Sp00ky
201 Battery Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Namco Bandai Games
Madcatz and Markman


Atlus has just joined our sponsor family, more info to come later.
More Sponsor Info to coming.
12/1/2012 – 12/2/2012
Holiday Inn Stadium
900 Packer Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Located in the South Philadelphia area 1 mile from the Philadelphia International Airport.

Rooms at the Holiday Inn Venue are SOLD OUT!. We managed to secure you rooms at the Sheraton Suites Hotel. DO NOT RESERVE A ROOM THERE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MEANS OF TRAVEL FROM THE SHERATON TO THE HOLIDAY INN.
Sheraton Suites Hotel Discount: $95 a night before taxes.

STREAM: (Main)
Will be streamed by none other than the infamous Team Sp00ky! The stream can be found here–
2nd Stream–Tekken/SCV and more Jaxel:
3rd Stream–All around  Bifuteki:
4th Stream Smash(Brawl and Melee)– Calvin-VGBootCamp and Mark-Clash
5th Stream P4A/BB/GG – Alan:
more to come.
Big E
VP–Rob Hubbs
(610) 573-8305
Online Venue Pre-Registration: $30                online pre-reg will close monday night at 11:59pm, after you will have to sign up at the                  door.
At The Door Venue Registration: $40

Spectator Fee: $20
Pre-order your NEC XIII T-shirts
Link coming soon
Special Announcement:

Recently, Alan “St1ckBuG” Bakes of Team St1ckBuG has been dropping hints of a Japanese qualifier for the upcoming Northeast Championships (NEC) XIII. At Summer Jam 6 this past weekend, he officially announced the event, which will bring three players from Japan to compete at NEC XIII, December 1-2. H.H of Japan hasposted details for the tournament on his blog.

The event, called “Team St1ckBuG x OgreLive Presents NEC2012 Japanese Player Selection Tournament,” will take place on Sunday October 7 at Akihabara Clark Studio in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The games for the event will be Persona 4 Arena and BlazBlue Continuum Shift EXTEND, both on console versions. Both titles will use single-game, double-elimination format.
The 1st and 2nd place finishers in the P4U tournament and 1st place in BBCSEX will have both flight and room costs covered to attend NEC XIII this December. The tournament will be streamed on both TwitchTV and Nico Nico Live.

Special announcement 2:
It’s been a long time coming, but TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 is finally here and ready for tournament play! Whether you’re a veteran of the TEKKEN franchise or a new player altogether, the TEKKEN community is always welcoming players of all walks of life into their ranks. TEKKEN has long since been a part of tournaments across the country, especially here on the east coast.
It’s for that very reason that we’re very proud to announce the TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Circuit! This circuit will bring the winners of the TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 tournaments from Northeast Championships in Philadelphia, PA, to FINAL ROUND XVI in Atlanta, GA, to East Coast Throwdown 5 in Morristown, NJ, all the way out to the EVOLUTION 2012 World Finals tournament.
The east coast is a huge place when you really think about it. Not everyone is able to travel up and down from Pennsylvania to Georgia then back up to New Jersey, especially if they come from states nowhere near these three. That’s why we want to reward our winners with not only the prize money they’ve earned, but with the opportunity to go to a part of the country they may not have been able to see and compete in before.
The rules to this tournament circuit are simple. If you win the TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 tournament at Northeast Championships 13 in Philadelphia, then you will be awarded a plane ticket to FINAL ROUND XVI. If you win FINAL ROUND XVI, you will be flown to East Coast Throwdown 5. If you win ECT5, you will be flown to Evolution in Vegas. If you’re local to any of these tournaments that you’ve won a trip to, we will pay for your hotel room instead of the flight. The four of us from Big E Gaming, FINAL ROUND, and East Coast Throwdown want to make sure TTT2 is the most memorable TEKKEN for you guys yet, and what better way than to fly you around the country to represent your home turf?!
Now that that’s all said and done, get your pads and sticks out and GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE! ————————————————————————————————————————————-

Unless otherwise stated all console tournaments will be played on PS3.
All singles tournaments will be standard format 2/3 games for normal matches and 3/5 for finals matches. (UMVC3 will be 3/5)
Team tournaments are single match the entire tournament including all finals matches.
Venue and entry fees will be collected between 9am and 5pm both days. Please allow 1 hour prior to tournament start time to register. Even if you preregistered online you will still need to check in at the registration desk for each tournament.
Saturday 12/01/12
Team Tournaments:
SSF4:AE teams 3v3 — 11:00am — $30 per team
UMvc3 3v3 — 11:30am — $30 per team
3S:OE 3v3 — 6:30pm
DOA5– 2v2– 1pm — $20 per team
SfXt–2v2- 3pm – $20 per team
MK9– 2v2 –    – $10 per team
ScV–2v2 –12pm–$20 per team
TTT2-2v2 — 12pm–$20 per team
KoF13 — 3v3– 1pm — $30 per team
Brawl and Melee Teams
SATURDAY 12/01/12:
Singles Tournaments:
SSF4:AE — 6:00pm — $10 — will continue Sunday–ps3– $500 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes
UMvC3 — 6:30pm — $10 – will continue Sunday–ps3–$500 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes(half the pools will start Saturday and the 2nd half will start sunday at 11am)
MK9 – 3pm– start time — $10–ps3– pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes
SC5 – 3pm– start time — $10 (top 8 sunday)–ps3– Pot Bonus info coming soon
TTT2 – 2pm– start time — $10 (top 8 Sunday)–ps3–$1000 Pot Bonus+ (free plane ticket to FR16)–Plus more news to come
P4U — 1:30pm– start time — $10–Ps3- $750 bonus pot(Atlus sponsored).
BB – 2:00pm start time — $10–ps3– $100 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes.
GG – 3:30pm start time –$10– ps2
DOA 5 — 5pm — $10 — Ps3-$500 pot bonus (sponsored by Team Ninja)
Melee Doubles — 11am start time–
Brawl doubles/Melee Singles–1pm–
Brawl Singles–3pm–
ST — 5pm– start time — $10 – held on arcade cabinet Or Super Gun–Pot Bonus info coming soon
SUNDAY 12/2/12:
SSF4:AE – continued from Saturday – 1:00pm
UMvC3 – continued from Saturday – 1:30pm
KOF13– 3pm–Start time–$10–ps3

$750 pot bonus (sponsored by Atlus)

SC5– continuned from Saturday–12pm
TTT2– continuned from Saturday — 12pm

SfXTekken — 3pm–start time–$5 –entry fee

MB:AA – TBD– start time — $10–Pot Bonus info coming soon
AH3–TBD– start time– $10 entry fee–ps3
3S:OE – 3pm start time — $10–ps3–Pot Bonus info coming soon
CvS2 – TBD– $2 – PS2
UMK3 – TBD — $5
KI – TBD – $2
CE — tbd–$2

Vf5 —2pm start time—$10 entry fee–$250 pot bonus–(sponsored by Hubb and Gvn)                 more info to come.

Much More info to Come.
If time permits after all tournaments have finished we will bring back the long awaited coin flip tournament! Rules to follow soon!
I will also be adding more games to this list in the next few weeks.
I want this to be the BEST NEC ever but i can only do it with the players help. There will be food and drinks available to purchase for cheap.
So that’s it for now. To get a rough head count just please post or e-mail me at with your first, last and gamer name, the state your from and game(s) you plan on entering.
I will Post players update list on other pages.
Guys if you see names down twice or if you don’t see your name on the list let me know.
NECXIII will be helping out the local community by having a CAN DRIVE … so bring canned food and non-perishable foods for donation … let’s show the rest of the community that we do more than play fighting games all day everyday!