NEC 18 Cosplay Competition General Information

Costumes should be based on anime, manga, video games and free play (costume outside the mentioned category). Have fun and be creative!

400$ Prize Pot

– Cosplay Contest Categories

Best in Show

Best Hero

Best Villain

– Ages 15 and up

– Registration is required

– Entry fee is $10

– Registration is open from 2pm on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at the front desk area.

_ Event time TBA

– All costumes should be PG-13 appropriate.

– Contestants will be judged on creativity and charisma.


Big E Gaming reserves the right to make adjustments or modifications to the rules at any time to improve the clarity of the rules or the operation of the cosplay event.

Cosplayers have up to 2 minutes to present themselves in their character’s personality. Be one with your character!

While on stage be careful showing off your character’s spirit. Avoid running, jumping and any acrobatics on and off stage.

Contestants are not allowed to wear costumes that have already won a Big E Gaming cosplay competition.

All costumes can be either handmade or store-bought but be aware that you are being judged on creativity. At least 30% of your costume must to be handmade.

Women – Costumes must cover breasts and buttocks. If you costume calls for less than minimum coverage, you must wear a bodysuit beneath it.

Men – Costumes must cover boxer area. If you are wearing a skin tight suit, you must wear undergarments. Genitalia and nipples should not be visible through the costume.

No costume should have any inappropriate or offensive references in any language.

Failure to comply will result in you being escorted to your room or car to change your attire. You will also be disqualified.

Body paint is not permitted.

No nudity allowed.

Footwear is required.

No costume that completely covers the eyes is permitted except for glasses.

Weapons like guns, knife, spears, darts or crossbows are not permitted.

Staves, Bo sticks, boken, shinai, and wood swords will be allowed as long as they are handled responsibly.

Live steel is not allowed.

Swords are to be made of non-metal, not sharp material. It cannot be any longer than 72 inches in length. Misuse of a weapon or prop, such as swinging it in a public area or posing a hazard to others, will result in the weapon or prop being deemed unsafe for the venue. You will be asked to leave the main floor and disqualified from the contest. If you are not sure if your prop is allowed, please ask the cosplay coordinator.

Approval is needed at the time of registration. Please bring a picture of your costume to the front desk for approval before wearing it

A video waiver form must be signed during registration.

The cosplay coordinator has the right to disqualify any entry from the competition on basis of taste, danger to audience, danger to facility, one’s self, or violation of any of the above rules and any other reason deemed sufficient.

All decisions made by the cosplay coordinator are final.

Please contact Celeste AKA Cece via email at  for any questions or concerns.