– The Northeast Championships is a series of fighting game tournaments created by Eric “Big E” Small and held in December in Philadelphia, PA. NEC is always held on the first weekend of December. More information about the location is available on the location page. The Northeast Championship has grown so much over the years and attendance has increased to well over 700 participants. All participants come from all over the North American region, and we are even host to many players from Europe.

This event runs a variety of tournaments for fighting games. These games run from the latest and greatest games (Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012, Marvel vs Capcom 3) to popular cult favorites(Blaz Blue: Continuum Shift and Melty Blood: Actress Again) to fighting games that have been competitively played for nearly a decade or more (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo). Players even run their own side tournaments and end up running a myriad of events, no matter how obscure or bad the game is. Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Super Puzzle Fighter, TMNT Tournament Fighter, and Shaq Fu are just a few examples of games run on the side.

One of the best things about NEC(and including Winter Brawl and Summer Jam) is the multiple stream setups. Multiple streams are set up so the player has a choice in watching what they desire be it 3D fighters, 2D fighters, or even side events. The main room streaming services are handled by Team Sp00ky and cover SSF4AE2012 and UMvC3. Jaxel of 8wayrun.com handles the 3D fighters stream which includes Soul Calibur 4, Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5 and Dead or Alive. Streams for all Mortal Kombat games are handled by UltimateMK and Testyourmight.com.

We hope you decide to come out and join us, where the real players play.

– GVN Winter Brawl is an East Coast tournament that is annually held at the end of every February. Winter Brawl is a tournament event created by Hubbs and used to be called the East Coast Winter Brawl. Hubbs would later team up with NEC’s Big E for Winter Brawl 3.

Winter Brawl 1 started out as a 24 man Dead or Alive only tournament which quickly changed when Winter Brawl 2 came around. Winter Brawl 2 then incorporated 3D fighters by including not only DOA4 but also Tekken 5DR and Virtua Fighter 5. Winter Brawl 1 and 2 were held at the Virtual Rush Lan Center in Media, PA before the store was closed down. Soon after Eric and Hubbs teamed up for Winter Brawl 3 and many great changes came. Eric’s deep roots with the 2D fighting community plus connections at SRK along with the newly released Street Fighter 4 on consoles greatly increased attendance. Winter Brawl 3 was also the first tournament to be run in the beautiful Sheraton Suites Hotel.

Winter Brawl 4 continued where WB3 left off at. Attendance increased again, despite a small snow scare, and so did the number of games for participants to compete in. Games like Guilty Gear, Blazblue CT, and Tatsunoko vs Capcom were added to the mix. Winter Brawl 5 would finally see the event etch its place as a major tournament on the east coast with the Evolution Championship Series recognizing it and allowing it to be the 2nd tournament of the year to be an Evo Qualifier.

– GVN Summer Jam is actually the merging of 2 tournaments, GVN Summer Bash and Summer Jam. For years Big E had ran a summer time equivalent of NEC calling it Summer Jam. Hubbs started running the GVN Summer Bash the same year Winter Brawl debuted. Summer Jam ran for a few years until it was discontinued by Big E. Summer Bash ran for 2 years before the merger from Big E and Hubbs’ new partnership back at Winter Brawl 3. Summer Jam is traditionally held near the middle to end of August.

Summer Jam has usually a slightly smaller turnout than Winter Brawl and NEC due to school and college season starting up, but you wouldn’t know it if you were there. To put it mildly, Summer Jam is the party to celebrate the end of summer. When Eric and Rob held Summer Jam 3, they expanded the number of games that they had at Winter Brawl the same year. They also held the first ever UFC tournament along with Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the Nintendo Wii.

The following year, Summer Jam 4 said farewell to a couple of staples in the Philly tournament scene. The last Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Dead or Alive 4 tournament was held in Philadelphia. Marvel vs Capcom 2 was ending a successful run as Marvel vs Capcom 3 was announced at E3 that same year. Summer Jam 5 was the year of the hurricane, or rather the heavy downpour. Attendance took a hit but over 600 brave gamers still made it to Summer Jam 5 and partook in the fun. One of the biggest moments of Summer Jam 5 was the influx of European gamers that flew over and partook in Soul Calibur 4, SSF4, and MvC3.

Summer Jam 6, just like Winter Brawl of that year, was a first for hosting a Dead Or Alive 5 Persona 4 Arena tournament. The latest beat build of the game was brought to the event through the hard working efforts of partners like FreeStepDodge’s Matt Mr. Wah Ponton, and courtesy of Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei. There was a free tournament that was capped at 128 people and if not for the cap there might have been over 150+ participants. Persona 4 Arena had a strong showing from multiple communities that showed great interest in the game with over 140 people signed up for the game that came out only 2 weeks prior to Summer Jam 6.