Hori is an official sponsor of NEC 18!



We’re proud to announce Hori as an official sponsor of #NEC18.

They will be providing Big E Gaming with the below products (links included):

PS4 Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa- https://goo.gl/VYT2D3
PS4 Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai (Black and White)- https://goo.gl/6geDm8 or https://goo.gl/jrCyty
Xbox One Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa- https://goo.gl/GMFkJ4
PS4 Fighting Stick Mini 4- https://goo.gl/GHhGd8
PS4 Fighting Commander- https://goo.gl/jMvNHn
Xbox One Fighting Commander- https://goo.gl/6PD54Q
Switch Pokken Pro Pad- https://goo.gl/KLAqYM

Thank You,
Emily Ginnona
Media and Marketing
Big E Gaming